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Sell vintage clothes to a worldwide audience. Display your items in a beautiful, online environment. Be part of an award winning fashion website that's a stylish mix of commerce, content and community. Open a shop on FASHIONDIG and you'll become a member of our successful community of vintage fashion retailers.

 Shop Benefits

FASHIONDIG is the premiere online destination for vintage fashion shoppers worldwide. Opening a shop on FASHIONDIG is the most cost-effective way to present your fashion items to over thousands of shoppers that visit our site each day.

Ease-of-Use and Control

You'll be able to maintain and control your online inventory with our easy to use Build-A-Shop™ program and have the freedom to add or remove items from your shop on your own schedule. Add and remove items with the click of a button. Add as many items as you like (no maximums.)

No-Hassle Selling

We handle all sales transactions through the FASHIONDIG merchant account and shopping cart system. No need to rent expensive machinery or to pay high application fees to obtain your own merchant account.

No-Hassle Shipping

We will e-mail you with the packing slips necessary to ship all sold items. Most items ship direct to the customer. And each month we will reimburse you for any shipping costs incurred.

Hands-Off Customer Service

We handle all the customer administration procedures, freeing up your time to manage your shop inventory! Simply answer any pending inquiries through the Shop Control Panel when we notify you by email of questions received regarding your items.

Built-in Customer Base

You'll reach thousands of daily visitors who come to FASHIONDIG to shop and look for vintage fashion resources. Our popular e-mail newsletter is delivered to over 5000 subscribers and provides information on new shops, site updates and other matters of interest to our customers. No need to maintain a separate mailing list to notify customers of new items.

High-Profile Marketing

You’ll be a part of an award-winning fashion site with extensive press coverage in publications such as NBC TV, People, InStyle, WWD, Elle and Harper's Bazaar.   Read More!

Convenient, Low-Cost Solution

We handle the website design, hosting and programming issues. No need to pay a web designer thousands of dollars to create and maintain your virtual shop. Just sign up and start selling right away.

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