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Ellen Christine Eclectic    Premium Member
A well curated collection of fanciful millinery, antique clothing and textiles that spans 19th century romantic to rockabilly swing.

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Our shop in Chelsea is complete, and ready for a new take on life! Our hats and accessories are in the front, for all to view, and we've placed the vintage in the next two rooms, for the careful perusal of collectors, designers and stylists. appointments are being accepted for Bridal, theatrical, and wardrobe needs. Let us do your restorations and tailoring, research and design consultation. The extensive collection of select antique clothing and accessories, textiles and swatches, is but a phone call away and Ellen Christine and her staff will be always at your service.
   Vital Stats
Who are you and where are you located? 
Ellen Christine Millinery coming to you live from New York City! 
What is your FASHIONDIG shop's specialty? 
fabulous millinery; ...we love details, whether it be beading, embroidery, cut, line, or the turn of a cuff. 
How long have you been collecting or selling your specialty? 
...since I was 17 , with my first shop , as an undergraduate. 
When did you open your shop on FASHIONDIG? the beginning......... 

   Our Favorites
List your favorite fashion designers, decades or looks. 
We love WWI, and the new found freedom for women.......a longer, slimmer line, in keeping with the elegance of the Victorian era, but demonstrating the Edwardian transition, between the Wars. 
Where are your favorite places to dig for vintage finds? 
Our warehouse, a goldmine, with a stash dating from my early years in the business. thousands of items make it easy for me to open a box, pull from a rack, take from a shelf......and the pieces I love aren't around as much anymore. 
What favorite items are currently in your closet? 
My Christian Dior sharkskin suit from the 1949 collection........ 
What are your favorite picks for future collectibles? 
details, embroideries, lush weaves and specialty prints are always in vogue with stylists and designers 

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