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Orlando Vintage    Premium Member
Orlando Vintage can now be see at as of 8/7/2014.

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Thank You to all of you who came out to the Metropolitan for the Manhattan Vintage Clothing Show in February ! It was great to return to NYC and see many of our regular clients and make so many new ones ! A special shout out to Eric from Betsy , Lisa from J-Crew , Vanessa from Oakland , Constance from Garden City and all of the other fine folks who made the show a great success !!! We look forward to returing to NYC real soon. You may even see us back in the April Show. Stayed tuned .....xxoo....Lisa
   Vital Stats
Who are you and where are you located? 
Founded by Lisa Marie Booth - Smith and located in Winter Park, Florida just north east of Walt Disney World .Just less than one mile East off the I - 4 exit 87. 
What is your FASHIONDIG shop's specialty? 
Orlando Vintage Clothing Co.'s vast collection is consistent in quality and stylishly original.The selection online is just a mere sampling of what the brick and morter store has to offer in over twelve-hundred square feet of space. 
How long have you been collecting or selling your specialty? 
As a pre-teen my mother would often find me carrying her 1950's tooled leather Mexican handbags to school. After many successful years in Radio, I decided that my passion for vintage would be my road to independence and ultimate bliss. 
When did you open your shop on FASHIONDIG? 
On a trip to attend my first vintage clothing show in NYC I met co-founder Janet. Within two months OVCC joined the ranks as one of the first shops on fashiondig. 

   Our Favorites
List your favorite fashion designers, decades or looks. 
I have no personal preference when it comes to designer labels. I see merit in many of the current designers. Lets face it , the looks are all those of decades gone by with little originality. I personally think that the occasion and what a person wants to say about her style is something that is forever evolving. Good taste is always my favorite look! And being slightly ahead of the crowd. 
Where are your favorite places to dig for vintage finds? 
Most of the inventory I carry comes directly from the current owners. Some clients make apppointments and come in the back door while others prefer house calls. It's by far the best way to get the cream of the crop! 
What favorite items are currently in your closet? 
In an effort to build my cashmere cardigan collection I recently added a teal colored 1950's cardigan and a coral colored one as well. There have been an abundance of shoes coming into the shop these days , so I also took home a 1980's pair of snake skin pumps in green that have a wearable height heel. I usually mix and match a stand out piece with classic pieces like the cashmere cardigan. This allows ME to wear the fashion and not the fashion to wear me. Little girl dresses for my daughter Sylvia and baby clothes have been popping up too ! 
What are your favorite picks for future collectibles? 
My favorite items are those that are noticed and those that give the style setter the edge. Accesories have always had the most staying power in my wardrobe! Purses , Hats , costume jewelry. They don't usually take up too much room in your closet and can totally transform an outfit!Plus they always fit. 

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