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Metro Retro    Premium Member
Our focus is on hand selecting wearable vintage clothes and costume jewelry that speaks to your different moods whether it be refined elegance, whimsical charm or fun and funky.

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   Vital Stats
Who are you and where are you located? 
We offer the residents of the Washington D.C. Metropolitan area a wide selection of snazzy vintage clothes, costume jewelry, fashion accessories, a huge selection of vintage ads and fun collectibles from the last 100 years. We have posting fever and add new items weekly. 
What is your FASHIONDIG shop's specialty? 
Our specialty is vintage clothing and accessories, costume jewelry and old fashion advertising ads. 
How long have you been collecting or selling your specialty? 
I fell in love with fashion artifacts and started collecting when I was a teenager. I have been sharing my treasures for over 10 years. 
When did you open your shop on FASHIONDIG? 
I opened the shop on Labor Day Weekend of 2006. 

   Our Favorites
List your favorite fashion designers, decades or looks. 
My favorite decades are the 20's, 40's and the 60's. I dream of a wardrobe full of Courreges, DEWILDE KOOS, and Bonnie Cashin. 
Where are your favorite places to dig for vintage finds? 
I have discovered vintage treasures in some of the most unusual places. The most unique place was at a barber shop where I find an Irene coat. My favorite place has to be from a fashionista's closet. 
What favorite items are currently in your closet? 
From my closet, I adore my 40's blue velvet cocktail dress, Angela Cummings sterling seashell necklace and Ungaro silk floral dress. 
What are your favorite picks for future collectibles? 
Picks for the future would be belt buckles, belts, stick pins and movie themed charm bracelets. 

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