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The 20s - Vintage Clothing and Accessories
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Vintage Fashion

The 20s - Vintage Clothing and AccessoriesShop for stylish vintage clothes and accessories

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Follow our progress as we create a better, more fun way to buy and sell vintage clothing. FashionDig is being revamped to better serve our customers and shops and we invite you to read along as we work on the updates.

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Metro Retro Metro Retro
Features wearable vintage clothes and costume jewelry that speaks to your different moods whether it be refined elegance, whimsical charm or fun and funky.
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Vintage Fashion Expo Vintage
Oct 15-16
You won't see yourself coming and going when you wear a one-of-a-kind vintage gown to your next gala. VFE has the originals that inspire today's Red Carpet choices. And what an elegant way to go green!
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Style Galleries ·Mod
FASHIONDIG'S exclusive Style Galleries... see archival images of 20th century fashion!
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Beth Levine Shoes Beth Levine Shoes
"This glorious technicolor book tracks the Levines from their first post War shoe factory to their last run in 1975."
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FASHIONDIG offers stylish vintage clothing and accessories including vintage jewelry, designer handbags, and vintage coats and furs from select vintage clothes dealers.

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